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*Students mentored

Brockman R**, Kuesel R**, Scott D, Bessin R, Williams M, Gonthier D.

The Impact of Plastic Mulches, Plant Essential Oils, and Row Covers on Flea Beetle (Chrysomelidae) Management in Eggplant Production.

In submission

Olimpi E, Garcia K**, Gonthier D, Kremen C, Snyder W, Wilson-Rankin E, and Karp D.

Farmland diversification shapes trade-offs and synergies in bird-mediated ecosystem services and disservices.

In revisions Journal of Applied Ecology



Lu A, Gonthier D, Sciligo A, Chiba T, Garcia K**, Juarez G, Kremen C.

Landscape composition and local management effects on pest control services are mediated through changes in arthropod communities in organically managed strawberry crops.

Accepted Journal of Applied Ecology

Smith O, Olimpi E, Cornell K, Frishkoff L, Jay-Russell M, Navarro-Gonzalez N, Northfield T, Bowles T, Edworthy A,

Eilers J, Fu Z, Garcia K**, Gonthier D, Jones M, Kennedy C, Latimer C, Owen J, Sato C, Taylor J, Wilson-Rankin E, Snyder W, and Karp D.

Species traits reveal food safety risks associated with wild birds.

Accepted Ecological Applications

Kuesel R**, Gonthier DJ.

2021. Fine-Mesh Exclusion Netting for Control of Drosophila suzukii. 

In press Springer Nature. Book Chapter.



Brockman R**, Kuesel R**, Archer K**, O’Hearn K**, Wilson N, Scott D, Williams M, Bessin R, Gonthier D. The

2020. Impact of Plant Essential Oils and Fine Mesh Row Covers on Flea Beetle (Chrysomelidae) Management in Brassicaceous Greens Production.

Insects 11: 714.


Garcia K**, Olimpi E., Karp D., Gonthier DJ. 

2020. The good, the bad, and the risky: Can birds be incorporated as biological control agents into integrated pest management programs? 

Journal of Integrated Pest Management 11:11.


Potts LJ, Gantz JD, Kawarasaki Y, Philip BN, Gonthier DJ, Law AD, Moe L, Unrine JM, McCulley RL, Lee, RL,

Denlinger DL, Teets NM.

2020. Environmental factors influencing fine-scale distribution of Antarctica’s only endemic insect.

Oecologia online


Olimpi EM, Garcia K**, Gonthier D, De Master K, Echeverri A, Kremen C, Sciligo A, Snyder W, Wilson-Rankin E,  

Karp DS.

2020. Shifts in species interactions and farming contexts mediate net effects of birds in California strawberry systems.

Ecological Applications e02115.



Olimpi EM, Baur P, Echeverri A, Demaster K, Sciligo A, Gonthier DJ, Kremen C, Karp D.

2019. Evolving food safety pressures in California’s Central Coast region.

Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 3,102.

Vandermeer J, Armbrecht I, de la Mora A, Ennis KK, Gonthier DJ, Hajian-Forooshani Z, Hsieh H, Iverson A,

Jackson D, Jha S, Jiménez-Soto E, Lopez-Bautista G, Larsen A, Li K, Liere H, MacDonald A, Marin L, Mathis KA, Monagan I, Morris J, Ong T, Pardee GL, Saraeny Rivera I, Williams-Guillen K, Yitbarek S, Uno S, Zemenick A, Philpott SM, Perfecto I.

2019. The community ecology of herbivore regulation in an agroecosystem: lessons from complex systems.

Bioscience 69: 974-996.

Iverson AL, Gonthier DJ, Pak D, Ennis KK, Burnham RJ, Perfecto I, Vandermeer JH.

2019. A multifunctional approach for achieving simultaneous biodiversity conservation and farmer livelihood in coffee agroecosystems.

 Biological Conservation (PDF)

Kuesel R**, Archer K**, Scott Hicks D, Sciligo D, Bessin R, Gonthier DJ.

2019.The effect of fine-mesh exclusion netting on blackberry pests. In press Insects.

Insects 10, 1-12. DOI:10.3390/insects10082249 (PDF)


Gonthier DJ, Sciligo A, Karp D, Lu A, Garcia K**, Chiba T, Juarez G, Gennet S, Kremen C.

2019. Bird services and disservices to strawberry farming in Californian agricultural landscapes.   

Journal of Applied Ecology 56:1948-1959. (PDF)



Karp D, ...Gonthier D,... et al. (153 authors)

2018. Crop pests and predators exhibit inconsistent responses to surrounding landscape composition.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PDF)


Fisher K*, Gonthier DJ, Ennis KK, Perfecto I.

2017. Phenological floral resource complementarity explains patterns in bee abundance

Ecological Applications 27: 17-15. (PDF)


Ward R, Gonthier DJ, Nicholls C.

2017. Ecological Resilience to Coffee Rust: Varietal Adaptations of Coffee Farmers in Copán, Honduras.

Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems 41: 1081-1091. (PDF)

Vaidya C*, Cruz L*, Kuesel R*, Gonthier DJ, Iverson A, Ennis K, Perfecto I.

2017. Local and landscape constraints on coffee leafhopper diversity.

Journal of Insect Science 17: 38; 1-7. (PDF)



Hajian-Forooshani Z*, Kuesel R*, Gonthier DJ.

2016. Explaining the distribution of Rhabdopterus jansoni in coffee plantations: Insights from diet breadth and preference.

 Agroforestry Systems (PDF)

Maas B, Karp D, Bumrungsri SJ, Darras K, Gonthier D, Huang C, Lindell C, Maine J, Mestre L, Michel N,

Morrison E, Perfecto I, Philpott S, Sekercioglu CH, Silva RM, Taylor P, Tscharntke T, Van Bael S, Whelan CJ, Williams-Guillén K.

2016. Bird and bat predation services in tropical forests and agroforestry landscapes.

Biological Reviews  91: 1081-1101. (PDF)



Pak D, Iverson AL, Ennis KK, Gonthier DJ, Vandermeer JH.

2015. Parasitoid wasps benefit from shade tree structure and landscape complexity in Mexican coffee agroecosystems.

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 206: 21-32. (PDF)



Hajian-Forooshani Z*, Gonthier DJ, Marin L, Iverson A, Perfecto I.

2014. Local and landscape factors explain the biodiversity of arboreal spiders in coffee agroecosystems.

PeerJ 2:e623. (HTML) (PDF)


Iverson A, Marin L, Ennis KK, Gonthier DJ, Remfert J, Conner-Barrie B, Cardinale BJ, Perfecto I.

2014. Do polycultures promote win-wins or trade-offs in agricultural ecosystem services? a meta-analysis.

Journal of Applied Ecology 51: 1593-1602. (PDF)


Gonthier DJ, Ennis K, Iverson A, Hsieh H, Farinas S, Batary P, Rudolphi J, Tscharntke T, Cardinale B, Perfecto I

2014. Biodiversity conservation in agriculture requires a multi-scale approach.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281: 20141358. (PDF)


Kuesel R*, Gonthier DJ, Vaidya C*, Cruz L*, Iverson A, Perfecto I.

2014. Local management and landscape use intensity associated with a coffee leaf chewing beetle.

Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems 38: 552-540. (PDF)



Gonthier DJ and Castañeda FE.

2013. Large- and medium-sized mammal survey using camera traps in the Sikre River in the Rio Plátano Biosphere Reserve, Honduras.

Tropical Conservation Science 6: 584-591. (PDF) Press:


Gonthier DJ, Dominguez GM, Witter J, Spongberg AL, and Philpott SM.

2013. Bottom-up effects of soil quality on a coffee arthropod interaction web.

Ecosphere 4:107. (HTML)(PDF)


Gonthier DJ, Ennis KK, Philpott SM, Vandermeer J, Perfecto I.

2013. Ants defend coffee from berry borer colonization.

BioControl 58: 815-820. (PDF)


Murnen C, Gonthier DJ, Philpott SM.

2013. Food webs in the litter: Effects of food and nest addition on ant communities in coffee agroecosystems and forest.

Environmental Entomology 42: 668-676. (PDF)



Philpott SM, Pardee GL*, Gonthier DJ.

2012. Cryptic biodiversity effects: Importance of functional redundancy revealed through addition of food web complexity.

Ecology 93:992-1001. (PDF)


Gonthier DJ.

2012. Do herbivores eavesdrop on ant chemical communication to avoid predation?

PLoS ONE 7: e28703. (HTML) (PDF)



Gonthier DJ, Witter J, Spongberg AL, and Philpott SM.

2011. Effect of nitrogen fertilization on caffeine production in coffee (Coffea arabica L.).

Chemoecology 21:123-130. (PDF)



Gonthier DJ, Pardee GL*, and Philpott SM.

2010. Azteca instabilis ants and the defence of a coffee shade tree: an ant-plant association without mutual rewards in Chiapas, Mexico.

Journal of Tropical Ecology 26(3): 343-346. (PDF)



Gonthier DJ.

2009. Notes on seeds deposited in elephant dung at Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.

African Journal of Ecology 47(2):252-256. (PDF)


Swarthout D, Harper E, Judd S, Gonthier D, Shyne R, Stowe T, and Bultman T.

2009. Measures of leaf-level water-use efficiency in drought stressed endophyte infected tall fescue grasses.

Environmental and Experimental Botany 66:88-93. (PDF)



Gonthier DJ, Sullivan TJ, Brown KL, Wurtzel B, Lawal R, VandenOever K, Buchan Z and Bultman TL.

2008. Stroma-forming endophyte Epichloë glyceriae provides wound-inducible herbivore resistance to its grass host.

Oikos 117:629-633. (PDF)



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